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Fred B. - Everquest II Player



I use the DX1 to play Everquest II. I have laid the keys out in the shape of my hand. Everything is set up so that the keys are easy to reach from my fingers. My most often used keys are near my easiest to use fingers (index, middle, and thumb). Keys that I don't use often are out near my pinky.

I use about 47 Ergodex keys in my layout. My moving and turning keys are in the center. I use three keys with my thumb: cycle target, jumping, and missile attack.

I have some other keys to bring up my Quest Journal, my map, and my inventory at the bottom, below my pinky.

All three Everquest hot bars are mapped to keys. The "1 through =" hotbar is the arc closest to my fingers. The "Ctrl+" hotbar is the second arc. The "Alt+" hotbar is spread all over the pad. I have actually rearranged all my hotbars to work more efficiently with the Ergodex pad.

Instead of using the function keys, I have been able to place all my group targeting down the left hand side of my layout.


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