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Scott Rix - CTO Ergodex


This is the setup I use to play Counter-Strike:Source. The location of the movement keys are pretty standard, but they are adjusted to match my exact finger positions. I use jump and crouch with a thumb sweep between two keys (labeled with icons of a guy jumping and crouching).

I have a key group for the "Buy" menu on the upper right hand side of the pad. The key labeled with a "$" opens the Buy menu; the other keys are mapped to purchase the weapons and equipment that I use often.

I have been using a trick that I picked up from one of our Beta testers. I place my "Walk" key in the lower left hand corner of the pad (labeled with a walking guy icon). This key is underneath the left side of my hand. When I need to walk, I can slightly lower my palm to press the key, and still have all my fingers for moving and switching weapons. I'll post a picture of what I mean sometime...

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