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General FAQs
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Media FAQs

  1. How can I reach someone concerning a news story?
  2. Where can I find photographs of the Ergodex products?

Technical FAQs

  1. What is the DX1 Input System?
  2. Can I use two DX1ís on the same machine?
  3. Do I have to keep Ergodex Manager open and running to be able to use the DX1 and its recording features?
  4. How do I program the DX1 keys to perform certain tasks or even simple keystrokes?
  5. How do the DX1 keys feel; is there any tactile feedback?
  6. How do the DX1 keys stick to the key tray?
  7. How do the DX1 keys talk to the base pad?
  8. How many DX1 keys can be placed on the pad? What if I need more than 25 keys?
  9. How many DX1 keys can be pressed simultaneously at one time?
  10. How will the DX1 help me in my everyday computer usage?
  11. I am very sensitive to keys being responsive. Do the DX1 keys add any extra latency? How fast are they?
  12. I use multiple computers (work/home) and want to use the DX1 on all of them. Do I have to create macros on each machine manually to be able to use my DX1, or is there an easy way to transfer macros?
  13. If I create a set of macros for a particular program, what happens when I switch to a different program?
  14. If the keys are numbered, how will I know which DX1 key performs what function?
  15. Once I have customized the DX1 for a particular program, how can I remember the exact key positions so that I donít have to do all the work again?
  16. Once I program the keys, how can I change a macro while Iím in a game or any other program? Do I have to open Ergodex Manager every time?
  17. What happens if I try to use my DX1 keys on someone elseís pad and vice versa?
  18. What operating systems are supported by the DX1 Input System?
  19. Will I be able to use my keyboard and mouse with the DX1?
  20. Will the DX1 interfere with any other peripherals or wireless devices that I may have attached to the system, or that are present around the system?


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