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Here are some reactions to the DX1 Input System.

The ErgoDex Alternative Keyboard
Source: - Scott Hanselman's Weblog
Now, what about a keyboard JUST for the .NET Programmer If you know me, you know I have a few gadgets. I'm such an Early Adopter that I preordered Doom III when Castle Wolfenste [FULL STORY]

The 21st Century's Programmable Keyboard
Source: ExtremeTech
Imagine that, during a fierce fit of rage during a gaming experience, you took hold of your keyboard, threw it against the wall, and clumsily picked up the keys and placed them exactly as you wanted t [FULL STORY]

ErgoDex DX1 Keyboard With Movable Keys
Source: Gear Live
The ErgoDex DX1 keyboard is extremely unique. Basically, you have an electronic board onto which you can place keys which can be put anywhere you like. Check out the above configuration one gamer uses [FULL STORY]

DX1 Input System by Ergodex.
Source: ubergizmo
Ergodex has an interesting input system that comes in the form of a pad and 25 keys that the user can arrange in an arbitrary manner. The keys have an adhesive surface, but can still be moved. The adh [FULL STORY]

Ergodex DX1 system
Source: Ployer
Ergodex DX1 system is a customizable keyboard that allows you to place removable keys anywhere you want and assign the buttons to anything you want, making it quicker, easier to use and simpler to rem [FULL STORY]

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