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Here are some reactions to the DX1 Input System.

Ergodex DX-1 Keyboard: Custom Keystroke Heaven?
Source: create digital music
The Ergodex DX-1 keyboard is a custom keyboard for adding up to 25 macro-powered keystrokes in any arrangement you like. Engadget, Music Thing, and Gizmodo are all talking about it. I've found out som [FULL STORY]

Ergodex DX-1 Input System lets you build a custom key layout
Source: engadget
Not happy with the options offered by standard ergonomic keyboards? Then how about just designing your own? That’s the theory behind the [FULL STORY]

Ergodex DX1
Source: gizmodo
Tom’s Hardware has a review up of the Ergodex DX1, the bastard child of keyboard and graphics tablet. The keys themselves can be moved around on the surface of the “platform” and reprogrammed — a perf [FULL STORY]

IGN: Will PC Gaming be changed forever?
Source: IGN
While PC gamers have learned to adapt their playing styles to the standard QWERTY keyboard layout for many, many moons now, it's still far less than ideal. One problem is that you're presented with a [FULL STORY]

Gamespot's preview and video of the DX1
The Ergodex DX1 Input System is one of those products that makes so much sense the first time you see it that you wonder why it's taken so long for someone to invent it. .... See It in Action! ( [FULL STORY]

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